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Our Value for this half term is Resilience.

Relationship and Sex Education




As stated by the DFE, schools legally have to teach Relationship and Health Education, both of these areas are a compulsary part of school and must be taught. Parents do not have the right to withdraw their child from this aspect of education.


The DFE states that Sex Education should be taught at the school's discretion and that parents do have the right to withdraw children from this aspect. 


In an ever changing world, a world where children are exposed to far more than older generations ever were, it is vital that we educate them with age appropriate, factual content.



We, as a school, appreciate that this may seem a little daunting and some parents may feel that this is inappropriate for schools to do,  therefore it is vital that schools are fully informed of the content taught and have every opportunity to voice any concerns and thoughts that they may have.


At Gunness and Burringham, we use Big Talk as our company to teach Sex Education to our children. They are award winning and deliver factual, age appropriate information to children.



What is taught and when?



Please see below for the parental consultation results following a positive meeting with parents. We will hold a meeting annually to share any views and provide an opportunity to discuss the policy. 




We  have a fully updated PSHE page under the curriculum balloon page of the school website for further information. 

Sex and Relationship Policy