Gunness and Burringham CofE Primary School

Learning Together

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Our Value for this half term is Friendship "A friend loves all of the time" Proverbs Ch 17v 17



The school day begins at 8:50 a.m. if you child arrives to school after this time , please ensure they enter the building at the main office to make sure they are marked present in the register, anytime after this will be recorded as late. 




We appreciate that appointments are needed and can not be avoided; we do, however ask that appointments, where possible, are made out of school time or during the school holidays. Any appointments made during school time will need to be accompanied by proof of appointment.




Children need to be in school, research has proven that children who have significantly lower attendance find it harder to make sustained progress in school. 



Unfortunately holiday requests will not be authorised unless deemed an exceptional circumstance by the Headteacher. Honesty is always the best policy and so please complete and return the holiday from below or ask Mrs Burrows for a form at the office. 



Children get poorly, we understand that.

If your child is ill, please contact the office to notify Mrs Burrows first thing in the morning. 

If you are unsure if your child can be at school please see below or contact the school for advice.



National attendance figures are around 96%, school closely monitors every child's attendance, if we notice that their attendance is dipping, Mrs Sowerby will have in informal phone call or meeting to see if the school can do anything to support. Our priority is for children to be in school and honest conversations are often the best way forward to support this.



Guidance on late and absence procedures can be found in the Attendance Policy.