Gunness and Burringham CofE Primary School

Learning Together

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Our Value for this half term is Respect. "Do to others what you would have them do to you" Matthew 7:12

Art and Design

"Every human is an artist"

Don Miguel Ruiz





Art embodies some of the highest forms of human creativity. Our high-quality art curriculum  engages, and inspires children, allowing for development of wisdom and equips them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art. At Gunness and Burringham Primary School we place an emphasis on enabling creativity and exploratory journeys that allow us to work towards varied and individual outcomes. This love for art starts in the Foundation Stage and continues through school, equipping children with an appreciation of art and fostering a creative and explorative attitude. 




We follow Gommersal Primary School and use Access Art as our support network for delivering our high quality curriculum.



Our curriculum is inclusive and is built on exposure to a wide range of artists from many different periods. We focus on five main art mediums; painting, three dimensional, textiles, sketching and printing and encourage use of materials and experiences which are revisited over time. Confidence in handling materials, exploring techniques and realising ideas builds over time and through repeated experience.


The curriculum allows time for children to appreciate art and at the start of every new block, children are encourage to produce a "QSheet" and are given time to appreciate, compare and contrast artwork from previously studied artists.


Blocks of art have a linked "Spotlight Artist" that celebrates and children are encouraged, either through homework or as part of other curriculum lessons in school, to explore, research and present their life and works further allowing for reflection and a development of appreciation of art. 


At Gunness and Burringham, we recognise that not all teachers will be a specialist in art, and not all teachers will be "good at art" however it is important that all teachers have the confidence to deliver inspirational lessons and "Learn Together" with the children, being willing to explore alongside children, modelling an attitude of curiosity, open-mindedness, creative-risk taking and reflection. 


Our curriculum has a rich collection of books linked to the period of art, similar artworks or Spotlight Artists and their journey, it is important that we continue to encourage a love for reading and reading for pleassure in all areas of our curriculum. 






"I love art and the way I get to paint and look at how to change the shades and tones of colours"


"I like it when we used clay to make my own pet, I was good at joining the bits together"



"I like looking at the different works of artists and how they represent their feelings through their work"



We linked art to RE and entered a Spirited Arts Competition. 




We linked art to science and hunted for signs of spring, using shade and colour mixing to perfect our work. 




Year 5/6 were inspired by the Artist Hokusai and made their own woodblock print to re create

"The Great Wave"



Year 3/4 focussed on the artist Anish Kapoor, we used monochrome printing to link  art with our science.



3D Sculpture inspired by Grayson Perry




Spiritual  Art




We used our skill of watercolour painting, paint wash and fine detail to create our full school Remembrance Art.






Our Curriculum