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Our Value for this half term is resilience. "I am able to all things through HIM who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13


Mathematics is a creative and highly interconnected discipline that has been developed over centuries, providing the solution to some of history’s most intriguing problems. It is essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology and engineering, and necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment. A high-quality mathematics education therefore provides a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically, an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject’.


The national curriculum for mathematics aims to ensure that: ‘all pupils become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, including through varied and frequent practice with increasingly complex problems over time, so that pupils develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately; reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry, conjecturing relationships and generalisations, and developing an argument, justification or proof using mathematical language; can solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems with increasing sophistication, including breaking down problems into a series of simpler steps and persevering in seeking solutions Mathematics is an interconnected subject in which pupils need to be able to move fluently between representations of mathematical ideas. The programmes of study are, by necessity, organised into apparently distinct domains, but pupils should make rich connections across mathematical ideas to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems. They should also apply their mathematical knowledge to science and other subjects.


At Gunness and Burringham Church of England Primary School, we believe every child can achieve in maths and it is our responsibility to provide the environment and experiences to make this possible. We believe every child is a capable mathematician with the ability to reason and problem solve. A positive growth mindset from teachers and pupils combined with strong teacher subject knowledge are essential to our children’s success in mathematics.


‘At our school, every child in our classroom has an ‘I can solve anything attitude’

We adopt a ‘mastery’ approach to the teaching of maths across the whole school. This approach recognises the value of developing the power to think, understand and reason rather than just ‘do’ using a set of given rules. The fundamental belief is that every child can achieve number fluency, confidence and understanding step by step.

Children are all taught the same concept in their year and the expectation is that all children can succeed. Some children may need extra strengthening teaching whilst others are encouraged to deepen their understanding. Maths mastery recognises the value of making a whole class journey of a concept which is broken down into small steps of learning, one by one. In this way children are building secure foundations which they can build upon and make connections to other areas of maths ensuring deep mathematical understanding and confident mathematicians.

We have already learnt so much since returning to school!


Year 1 have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes and even went on a 'shape hunt' around the school, finding a range of objects that they then sorted into groups.


"The box from the staff room is a cuboid"- Roman


"The football is a sphere"- Harry


"The hand sanitiser is a cylinder"- Indiana

Year 5 and 6 took part in a TTRockstars challenge as part of NSPCC Maths Day.

They even managed to fit in some healthy competition in the TTRockstars Arena against Mr Whitfield!

Position and Direction in Year 1/2