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RE at Gunness & Burringham Primary School


Christianity is taught in every year group and the enquiry approach adds challenge, requiring children to retain knowledge and apply it to the big question using their thinking skills. 


Each enquiry addresses an aspect of Christian theology sometimes explicitly using the theological language and sometimes laying foundations of experience and understanding which will later facilitate learning through explicit theology.


 Religions Covered

Discovery RE is a programme the school uses which covers the 6 principal religions plus other belief systems.





There are 3 age-related expectation descriptors for each enquiry in each year group. These expectations (working TOWARDS, AT and BEYOND) give guidance for assessing each of the 3 aspects of learning involved and made explicit in Discovery RE.  

The 3 aspects of learning are colour-coded:

Green: personal resonance with or reflection on… (formerly AT2 personal)
Blue: knowledge and understanding of… (formerly AT1)
Red: evaluation/critical thinking in relation to the enquiry question (formerly AT2 impersonal).


AFL (assessment for learning opportunities) are offered throughout each step of each enquiry.


End of Key Stage Colour-coded descriptors.





Whole School Long Term Overview