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One Week old

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One Week Old - this is what our children have got to say about the chicks.


'It has been great to have the baby chicks.  I enjoy cleaning them out even if it is a bit yucky because they are really cute.'


'They are fluffy and cute.  I have learnt that the eggs must out of sunlight'.


'They are really funny to watch because yesterday one climbed onto the water tub and stretched his head up to the top of the brooding box.  I think it wanted to fly out and explore.'


The best thing for me is every-time the class goes quiet, they cheep but when we are loud, they go quiet.'


'Watching one of the chicks being born was really exciting and magical'.  


'We have learnt that we need to keep the warm and hydrated with fresh, clean water everyday.  The brooding box needs clean wood shavings and newspaper.  They eat grain twice a day and for a treat green lettuce and worms.'  


'The brooding box needs a light bulb to the chicks warm until their feathers grow.'


'When the are older, they will go to a farm to live their life.'  


'I will be sad to see them go.'




Day One - Welcome to the 1st chick


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Watch the 2nd chick hatching. Tonight 7pm Wednesday 27th February

Minutes old

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A new playmate

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