Gunness and Burringham CofE Primary School

Learning Together

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We are looking forward to welcoming all children back to school on the 8th March.


At Gunness and Burringham we are passionate about Science and believe that children should have real life opportunity to experience the awe and wonder of Science, whist answer big questions and building understanding of key concepts. Children, through the teaching of Science,  will address the Big Ideas of Science and will begin to understand that everything is made of something and has a purpose. 


Science is a core subject and will be taught weekly; lessons will involve a variety of learning styles including theory and practical activities, all learning will have clear outcomes and will progressively build understanding and knowledge over time.


Children will have hands on experiences and real life learning wherever possible to ensure that learning is meaningful and memorable. All lessons will start with the "why" and it will be explained to children why they are learning what they are learning and also where that learning will take them in the future. 


Each term every class will have a "Spotlight on..." and will learn about the work of a key scientist linked to one of the science modules that they have been learning about. This is not only crucial to wider knowledge but also in addressing stereotypes of scientists and the work that they do. 


Children will work scientifically to ensure that they are given the opportunities to be researchers, data collectors, fair testers, classifiers and observers over time and will understand at the start of each lesson which scientific strand they will be enacting during the lesson. 




Enthuse Partnership

We are very proud to be part of the Enthuse STEM project (Science, Technology, Engineering an Maths) linked to the STEM University Centre in York. This is a wonderful opportunity for Gunness and Burringham to work with a local cluster of schools to share ideas and best practice. This ensures that the opportunities our children are exposed to are underpinned by the very best practice and collaborative approaches; linking science, technology, engineering and maths to provide challenging and memorable opportunities. 


We are looking forward to developing links with the local secondary schools and local businesses to allow our children to really have an understanding of Science in the wider community, this will help to contribute to high aspirations for future employment.