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Our School Ethos and Values

Recognising its historic foundation, the school will aim to provide an education of the highest quality, which will seek to value and explore the insights of the Christian tradition, while at the same time respecting and considering the life stances and faiths, within our multi-faith and culturally diverse society.  It will promote an ethos committed to diversity in order to encourage our students to become thoughtful, sensitive, tolerant and well-educated citizens.  This ethos will enable the Christian heritage of the school to interact with life today, and ensure that the values of all people are shared and celebrated to the benefit of the whole human family.

Our School Aims to:


  • ensure that the school continues to be at the heart of the community: through delivering a quality, broad and relevant education


  • be a community: all staff, governors, parents and children should be encouraged with their thoughts and opinions and respect those of others


  • highlight equality through education by providing a space where people can develop their potential as human beings and take their place within the community


  • promote a fun loving and stimulating working environment promoting shared values and team work


  • strive to be the best, encourage new ideas, practices and developments


  • willingly adopt and adapt new ideas which encourage children to acquire essential life skills in order to protect and preserve themselves


  • promote an ethos within the community where honesty. leads to trust, integrity, reliability, loyalty and embraces diversity


  • respond, recognise and value everyone's needs and contributions.  No-one can do everything, but everyone can do something

Our Christian Values


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