Gunness and Burringham CofE Primary School

Learning Together

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We close for Easter on Wednesday 31st March and re open on Tuesday 21st April

Our School Ethos and Values

Gunness and Burringham recognises the historic foundations and aims to provide an education of the highest quality, which will seek to value and explore the insights of the Christian tradition.

The school respects multi faiths and celebrates a culturally diverse society.  It will promote an ethos committed to diversity in order to encourage our students to become thoughtful, sensitive, tolerant and well-educated citizens.  This ethos will enable the Christian heritage of the school to interact with life today, and ensure that the values of all people are shared and celebrated.


Learning Together


We aim to be a school where


  • Teaching is of the highest quality and ignites a love for learning and curiosity in children. 
  • Everyone strives to be their best; encouraging new ideas, practices and developments.
  • Excellence is entrenched in everything that we do.


We aim to be a school where our children


  • Enjoy learning and engage in inspiring and innovative lessons.
  • Have high aspirations and want to achieve to the very best of their ability.
  • Are polite, respectful, honest and resilient learners.
  • Can work collaboratively and cooperatively with others. 


We aim to have a curriculum that


  • Is broad and balanced with a high emphasis on achievement and educational experiences.
  • Promotes a fun loving and stimulating working environment.
  • Reflects our Christian and British Values in everything that we do.
  • Focuses on knowledge and skills to ensure progression and understanding.
  • Allows time for children to investigate and explore through first hand experience and play.
  • Builds on previous experience and teaches tolerance of cultures and faiths
  • Encourages risk taking and perseverance, resilience and collaboration


We aim to be a school community where

  • The school and The Diocese of Lincoln work together to develop spiritual awareness  to ensure that children are tolerant of others views and faiths and are inclusive and well informed citizens.
  • Effective relations are built between home, school and the wider community.
  • Partnerships enhance social cohesion and provide a supportive network to allow children and families to flourish.
  • We collaborate with a network of schools to share ideas and good practice to take advantage of all of the opportunities that collaboration brings.