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Multiplication Times Table Check

From 2020, all pupils in Year Four will have to complete a national test on all of the times tables from one to twelve.  In order for your child to prepare for this, we have summarised the key points set out below.  For more information, please visit


1. The test consists of 25 questions taken from all the times tables from 2-12 inclusive.  Out of these, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 times tables are more likely to be included.  It would be beneficial to practice these facts more.


2.  There will not be any questions from the 1x table.


3. Pupils will only have 6 seconds to answer each question - after this, there is a 3 second pause before the next question is asked.


4.  There will be a maximum of seven questions from the 2, 5, and 10 times tables, and there will be no reversal of questions in the test.  For example if the question 3 x 7 is asked then 7 x 3 will not be asked.


5.  There is a list of high frequency questions; these are included below.  It might be a good starting point to focus on these high frequency questions first.


High Frequency Questions

6 x 6    6 x 7    6 x 8   6 x 9   6 x 12

7 x 8    7 x 9    7 x 12

8 x 9    8 x 12

12 x 12