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Homework is handed out every Friday and should be handed in every Thursday.  A piece of English or a piece of maths homework is given out alternate weeks.


The homework compliments and consolidates work we have completed in class.  If your child is struggling, please ask for help before it is due to be handed in.


Children will also need to practice their times tables each week and read at least 3 times a week.


Links to help with homework can be found here and also on the links in the subject pages.



Friday 22nd March.

This week we have been exploring verbs tenses.  We have re-visited the simple past and simple present tense in order to learn about he present perfect tense.


This is used to show something that has happened in the past but is still happening now or having an impact now.


Present perfect tense uses two verbs:   have or has + verb in the past tense.


He has cooked a delicious meal for tonight.

We have visited the museum today.