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We are looking forward to welcoming all children back to school on the 8th March.

Design Technology

At Gunness and Burringham Primary school, we strive to provide a broad, balanced and rich curriculum that is engaging and exciting for all children.

In our Design and Technology we aim:

· To ensure that pupils always “make a product with a purpose

· To embed the six main principles of Design and Technology into the school curriculum;

User – pupils should consider who their products are for

Purpose – pupils should decide which tasks their products will perform

Functionality – pupils should think about how their products will work

Design Decisions – pupils should have opportunities to make informed choices

Innovation – pupils should have scope to be original with their thinking

Authenticity – pupils should design and make products that are real, believable and can be evaluated through use

· To ensure that the National Curriculum objectives are covered and links are made to other curriculum areas where possible.

Our Long Term Plan ensures that all areas of Design and Technology are taught and that progress is maintained across the whole school.

DT Long Term Plan Cycles A and B